Perspective view of old timey business avenueRural Municipal Law Rural communities face the same compliance and legal issues of the big and mega cities without large legal departments. In fact, small communities face regulations that create burdens on underpaid and overworked staff. Diaz & Wright Attorneys at Law is committed to solving issues that face small communities. Mr. Wright has extensive experience in obtaining state agency grants and rehabilitating the legal infrastructure with limited resources. Diaz & Wright Attorneys at Law can provide the following services:

  • Mediation of community disputes;
  • Community building training and community facilitate planning;
  • Review and corrective implementation of small municipal court programs;
  • Review, representation, and submission of development grants for small communities;
  • Review and written opinions on municipal codes and ordinances;
  • City Council Member training;
  • Representation of small communities in legal matters, mediation, and litigation;
  • Judicial Services
  • and Representation as City Attorney and/or City Prosecutor under a contractual relationship.


We believe our clients deserve quality service. That’s why Total Client Focus is our philosophy. At Diaz & Wright, you don’t just get someone to represent you, you have someone that cares about what you have to say, will respect you, and be at your side no matter what.