Child holding teddy bear CPS Family LawFamily disputes and divorce can be emotional and complex legal matters. We work with you to resolve differences and obtain the court orders necessary for you to move to a better future. We handle all sorts of family disputes and legal issues including:


If you are planning to adopt a child or in the process of adoption, an experienced adoption lawyer can help. Whether you’re trying to adopt a child through a local adoption service, an international service, or through a private arrangement, an adoption lawyer can ensure that the process runs as smoothly as possible.


Child custody matters are often stressful, emotional situations for parents and children alike. Both parents want to remain a part of their child’s life, and deciding how this will happen is extremely important. Having an experienced attorney to help through these situations will make it easier on both you and your children.


Divorce can often be contentious and confusing, and that’s why you need someone to represent you. Having an experienced lawyer can help make these tense times less stressful on you and your family.



We believe our clients deserve quality service. That’s why Total Client Focus is our philosophy. At Diaz & Wright Attorneys at Law, you don’t just get someone to represent you, you have someone that cares about what you have to say, will respect you, and be at your side no matter what.