We are pleased to inform you of a new space and resource for lawyers and the judicial system in the Falls and Milam Counties.  DLW Law can provide credentialed mediators as well as space to conduct mediations for a nominal fee.  For the longest time, parties seeking to resolve issues through mediation had to travel to Waco, Dallas, Austin, and Houston.  Now a mediation center is in their back yard.  For many, mediation is a cost effective and gives the parties the ultimate power to craft a lasting settlement.

Mediation Services:

  • Emergency Family Law Mediations – visitations, temporary custody, etc.   Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Family Law & Divorce Mediations.  Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Civil Disputes.  Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Real Estate Disputes. Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Community Dispute, i.e. Government v. Concerned Citizens
  • Employment Mediation – Peer-to-Peer;  Employee-to-Supervisor
  • Rental of Mediation Room & Conference Rooms
  • Rental of Training Room

In addition, DLW Law’s new facility in Rosebud, Texas was designed to promote mediation.  The facility offers multiple private conference rooms as well as a large mediation room that can be used by two or more parties.  Moreover, DLW Law can host web or phone based mediations using the 75” computer screen and wireless technology.  During mediation breaks, the facility is equipped with an area for refreshments and smoking.