We are pleased to inform you of a new space and resource for lawyers and the judicial system in the Falls and Milam Counties.  Diaz & Wright Attorneys at Law can provide credentialed mediators as well as space to conduct mediations for a nominal fee.  For the longest time, parties seeking to resolve issues through mediation had to travel to Waco, Dallas, Austin, and Houston.  Now a mediation center is in their back yard.  For many, mediation is a cost effective and gives the parties the ultimate power to craft a lasting settlement.

Mediation Services:

  • Emergency Family Law Mediations – visitations, temporary custody, etc.   Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Family Law & Divorce Mediations.  Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Civil Disputes.  Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Real Estate Disputes. Court & Non-Court Appointed
  • Community Dispute, i.e. Government v. Concerned Citizens
  • Employment Mediation – Peer-to-Peer;  Employee-to-Supervisor
  • Rental of Mediation Room & Conference Rooms
  • Rental of Training Room

In addition, Diaz & Wright’s new facility in Rosebud, Texas was designed to promote mediation.  The facility offers multiple private conference rooms as well as a large mediation room that can be used by two or more parties.  Moreover, Diaz & Wright can host web or phone based mediations using the 75” computer screen and wireless technology.  During mediation breaks, the facility is equipped with an area for refreshments and smoking.